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Avoid Plagiarism, and Give Credit When Due

Plagiarism is a serious matter, especially if you’re using someone else’s work for your academic benefit. It can lead to serious consequences, therefore, you should always site your sources and give credit when it’s due. As defined by, plagiarism is using someone else’s work without giving them credit, and as a writer, you should avoid committing plagiarism. If you, like many others out there, are confused, what is considered plagiarism and what not, stay tuned to find out when you should give credit to your fellow writer.

  • Uncommon Knowledge

If a fact is something that everyone knows, common knowledge, then you’re not obliged to site the source. However, if you’re claiming something that is not widely known, you should definitely site your source.

  • Paraphrasing

Be careful when paraphrasing someone else’s work. Paraphrasing is still taking their ideas, and turning them into yours, by using different words. The fact is you still didn’t come up with those ideas on your own, so source siting is in order.

  • Taking Opinions

If you’re paraphrasing somebody else’s opinion and judgment about a certain fact or event, you should site the source who actually claimed the opinion. This includes ideas and thoughts about what certain facts mean.

  • Quotations

If you’re copying exact words from someone else, make sure to give credit where it’s due. Even if you’ve changed or cut out some words, if the sentence structure is still the same, you should give credit to it. In fact, if you’re copying a quotation from someone else, you should keep it in the state that it is, but definitely give credit to the source.

  • Summaries

So, you’ve found some useful information, and you want to make a summary of it? No problem, but you have to give credit to the source of the information. Even if in your summary you’re stating your own opinion, you’re still not the primary source of the information.

Because plagiarism can be difficult to determine in some cases, and accidental plagiarism happens quite often, try to stick to our short guide to avoid having problems in the future. Give credit where it’s due, because someone’s ideas and thoughts are priceless, and that’s a high price to pay if you’re trying to steal them.